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Allow us to introduce ourselves

We are Interiora. Since 2013, we have been the proud designer of comprehensive concepts & creator of luxury interiors. And it goes without saying that we have a passion for styling and Dutch Design. As true control freaks, we like to keep all processes in-house. Experience shows that this makes the final product more appealing and ensures the end result exceeds all expectations. It turns clients into long-term partners. Because hospitality is always evolving. It always proves to be a success that the designer is also the creator of the ambience. Because successful businesses are aware of the need to continuously update the great environment we have already created. One phone call is all it takes. No matter where you are in the world.


Our passion for creating beautiful interiors dates to 1995. Our background lies in children’s furniture concepts. In this field, we learned the importance of ergonomics, safety and certified products. The things we conceived didn’t exist yet, so we just made them ourselves.

A powerful combination

And we still do just that. Dreaming up new concepts and producing them ourselves is what we do, because we are obsessed with solid Dutch Design. Creativity and quality that make Interiora a leader in Europe.

Comprehensive interior design concepts. Dutch Design, the Dutch Way. Conceived, manufactured and implemented for you.