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Turning quality into luxury

We not only conceive of unique products for each project entrusted to us, but we also produce them. Customisation that allows you to stand out. Because it is in the finer details that quality is showcased. Our interior designers carefully contemplate the ambient subtleties that reflect your corporate DNA. A perfect symbiosis of the big picture and the finer details. The delicate balance between ergonomics and aesthetics, acoustics and serenity, sensation and comfort. Imaginatively devising creative solutions for every space is what we do. Unique compositions by the designers & creators of Interiora.

An appealing ensemble

Lounge, office, reception, terrace, suites, café or retail space. We ensure that each individual visit matches the ambience you wish to convey. Indoor and outdoor spaces must be finely and complementarily attuned and relate to each other in perfect balance. Inspiring, innovative and functional, but above all, appealing.

From floor to vase

Surprising combinations of materials is our trademark. Eye-catching interiors of marble and steel, wood and concrete. Whatever the ambience you’re going for. From boutique hotel to restaurant, from 5-star resort to hotel clinic. Our concepts are comprehensive and all-encompassing. Uniquely produced. Customisation by the designers & creators of Interiora.

Comprehensive interior design concepts. Dutch Design, the Dutch Way. Conceived, manufactured and implemented for you.

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