Our working method


Comprehensive interior design concepts full of Dutch Design. Conceived in Kesteren, made in Europe, delivered across the globe. We do that the Dutch Way. Our vision is about more than efficiency and flexibility. It’s also about the security a financially stable supplier can offer you. As in any project, credibility is key. It doesn’t matter whether it is on the Côte d’Azur, in the Alps or on Ibiza.



Welcome to our Experience Centre: 2000 m2 of pure inspiration. Get to know our creative teams. Tell us who you are and what you have in mind. Of course, your own interior architects are welcome to join us during this initial visit.


Preliminary design and cost estimate

To accompany this brief introduction, we will also do a quick scan and give you a price indication. Did you like what you saw and heard? Are we a good match?


Final design and offer

We’re pleased to be working together, and with your input, we’ll now go into greater depth. The compilation by our designers is translated into digital atmosphere impressions and mock-ups. Especially when your own people are part of the creative team, these concrete renderings are critical to find agreement on all the finer details. Interiora will then compose your personal project team. We also like maintaining direct lines of communication. This makes it immediately clear who should be approached with what question.



Are all the details clear, do they work in practice and do they meet all the quality requirements? With this final preparatory check, we tie up every loose end. Moisture measurements are performed on location and customs formalities are taken care of. In the Netherlands, our own transport logistics are arranged, including all types of horizontal and vertical equipment.



Even before your contractor has made delivery, we will have a clear picture of the location’s accessibility. We can now get started. Our flooring specialists come in first, followed by our interior builders and fitters. The interior decor is furnished by our stylists, from floor to vases, in as efficient a way as possible. With an exhaustive plan that still leaves room for the perfect execution of all the finer details. This is what our field service professionals are born to do. Get the celebratory champagne on ice.



We'll do the final sprint together. The Dutch way! Everything will be ready by the deadline, and you’ll be ready to welcome guests and exceed expectations. Anywhere in the world!